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Никос Казандзакис. Последнее искушение.
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Anthony Burgess. A Clockwork Orange.
Ray Bradbury. The One Who Waits. (Stylistic contest. Join and win the prize!).
Dorothy Parker. The Last Tea.
S.L. Kishor. Appointment with Love.
William Faulkner. Carcassonne.
W.S. Maugham. Salvatore
Edgar Allan Poe. The Bells.
Edgar Allan Poe. The Bells. Русский перевод Бальмонта
Stylistic contest work by M.
Stylistic contest work by Anna Mikhaleva.

ANALYSIS of the story by Ray Bradbury.

The theme of the literary production is the embarassment of a human being in front of his existence, history, world; impossibility to understand the purport of life and the idea of how Universe is established.

The main idea of the text is contained in words "I am simply waiting." At first, some men come to Mars and the main hero, Jones, doesn't remember anything, so he waits for what will happen perhaps to help him to memorise and understand his situation. The same is felt by a child who is just born and wonders everything he sees. Then Jones memorises his name and recognises his companions. It's like the child grows up and gets little knowledge about himself and surrounding, but our misterious plant still remains Mars for him. Soon after this ray of hope Jones again stops to understand anything and is simply accepting life the way it is. He's going at random, trying to guess a right way. This is the state in which thoughtful people are. But they still hope to reach something more than this. "How can I tell you what I am when I don't know? I cannot. I am simply waiting. I am mist and moonlight and memory. I am sad and I am old. Sometimes I fall like rain into the well. Spider webs are startled into forming where my rain falls fast, on the water surface. I wait in cool silence and there will be a day when I no longer wait. "And from time to time this hope disappears. "How can I tell you what I am when even I don't know? I cannot. I am simply waiting."

The title of the story "The One Who Waits" doesn't only refer to the main character, but it also shows the attitude of men to their lives in general. There are three possibilities of that, what author wanted to say with that. One variant is that people always wait for something. For example, children always wait for becoming teenagers, who wait for becoming adults and making their own family. And when they grow old and see their grandchildren, they will find something else to wait for. "A place where waiting things, things that once had flesh, wait and wait. "Why do they do it? To find a "flesh" again, a place for them under the Sun. This waiting is imprescriptible part of our lives. Second possible meaning of the phrase tells us that allthough human beings can develop themselves,rule the nature of our planet and conquer another worlds, they can't manage everything they would like to and as fast as they wish. Even if men act using all their strength,they cannot predict, what will follow theit activities and it is impossible to do a thing that requires many years of hard work,during a minute. So, we cannot overcome or stop time,that is why we have to wait." Voices. Far away." The third side that should be considered is that people are very tiny, mean they have no influence on the Universe, time and fate."The fool," I say. "Why did he do that?" - says Jones about his suicide. We all understand too little about life and deathand our destination in Universe." This is ones, this is me, that's not him, that's not him, don't believe him, let me out, let me out!" We realize it and sometimes stop fighting. Then comes the time, when we are "simply waiting." Genre of the story is science-fiction. There are used epithets (for example:trembling is violent ; childish protest) allegories: (hypnotized with the way the word ,shadows run , screaming is cut off , falling through space) hyprboles( an explosion(about a shoot),gone into prisons beneath exteriors) metaphores(gathering, darkening death) similes(it is as if a great hand with twelve fingers were moving across the hot sea bottom).